In 2011 the consolidation of Sviazinvest’s assets under one brand was completed. Rostelecom became the biggest national telecom operator providing a wide range of services including broadband high speed internet, interactive TV and voice telecommunications. The new Rostelecom Company had to be presented to the public with a dynamic new image – a step change from the old identity which had been in place for decades. The objective of the design project was to unite the telecom assets of the holding company, Sviazinvest, and present Rostelecom as one integrated brand which provides service for the B2B and B2C segments.

We created a brand platform – positioning, brand promise, brand character, mission and values, history, emotional and rational attributes. We then designed a new identity built on this platform and based on a new brand ideology. We developed a slogan which communicates the brand values. We also created a range of visual attributes for all brand communication requirements across different customer segments, products and retail environments.

The new brand identity, and visual language, demonstrates Rostelecom’s intention to be in the forefront of the market and become the leading modern high-tech telecom company, which truly understands and cares about its customers and their lifestyle needs.